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DeSC does not share any confidential or proprietary information of its own or those of clients, expert preferred vendors, or others unless authorized to do so., or same is available in the public domain, or  required in accordance with the  Laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.    

DeSC Code of Ethics Emphasises

  • Responsibility to society and the consulting industry

  • Seek solutions that are compatible with the principles of sustainable development

  • At all times uphold the dignity, standing and reputation of the consulting industry, clients, expert preferred vendors, and those of recipient countries.

  • Maintain knowledge and skills at levels consistent with development, the environment, technology, legislation and management, and apply due skill, care and diligence in the services rendered to the client.

  • Perform services only when competent to perform them

  • Act at all times in the legitimate interest of the client and provide all services with integrity and faithfulness

  • Be impartial in the provision of professional advice, judgement or decision

  • Inform the client of any expert preferred vendor of any potential conflict of interest that might arise in the performance of services to the client. 

  • Not accept remuneration which prejudices independent judgement.

  • Promote the concept of Quality-Based Selection (QBS)

  • Neither carelessly nor intentionally do anything to injure the reputation of business of others.

Corporate Governance:


De Sousa Costa International Inc. (DeSC) adheres to the highest ethical standards of conduct. In the course of conducting business, the DeSC board of directors, senior executives, employees, associates and independent contractors know, understand and follow all legal requirements and fully comply with internal and external controls in all aspects of the Company's operations and pursuit of the Company's business growth and fulfilment of its corporate objectives...

Ethical Standards


DeSC does not discriminate against any person, irrespective of gender, orientation, race, language, culture, creed or disability. Everyone is treated with complete impartiality and respect.

DeSC will not pursue business in any geographic jurisdiction or with any organization and/or body that is identified as being in contravention of the United Nations Charter on basic human rights; or practicing directly or indirectly gender abuse, discrimination, child labour and/or slave or sweat labour. 

DeSC will not conduct business with anyone known to be engaged in bribery, corruption, and payment to public officials including without limitation the Corruption of Foreign Official Act (Canada) and/or Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. (United States of America) as amended from time to time.

DeSC abides by and works in accordance with the terms and conditions as set out in the Patriot Act (United States of America) and in accordance with Canadian Law and Canadian Banking Rules and Regulations..